Rift's second beta event, Guardians of the Vigil, concluded this past weekend and Trion Worlds will be taking a little time off for the holidays, but they'll be getting right back into the thick of things next week. The third beta event, "Enter the Rift," will begin December 28th and continue through December 31st, ending just in time to bring in the New Year. The third beta event will open up the first 20 levels of content for both the Guardians and the Defiant factions.

In addition to the next beta announcement, Trion Worlds has also lifted the NDA for the closed beta events. So go forth and share your experiences.

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“Enter the Rift,” the third closed beta event for Rift™, the upcoming MMO from Trion Words, is scheduled to start at 10am on December 28th, and run through 10am, December 31th. Choosing a character from either the Guardian or Defiant factions, players will fight through the first 20 levels of the game battling back planar rifts, running dungeons and exploring the vibrant world of Telara.

Editor’s Note: The NDA for Trion Worlds' Rift closed beta officially lifts today at 9 AM PST. Beta participants and press are now free to post information and assets from the first two events, along with all subsequent beta events through launch.

About the “Enter the Rift” Beta Event 

Chose your path as either a faithful Guardian of the Vigil or one of the technomagical Defiant in the third closed beta event for the upcoming MMORPG Rift. As players work through the first 20 levels of play, they’ll have the opportunity to experience the new user experience for both factions, play through the zones of Silverwood and Freemarch, and run the first dungeons: Realm of the Fae and Iron Tomb.

“Enter the Rift” will be localized for English, French and German speaking territories.

To register for beta go to www.RIFTgame.com/betasignup


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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