Every time Ten Ton Hammer had a chance to see Rift: Planes of Telera, the more excited we became. After getting our grubby mitts on the game at E3 2010, we tracked down Scott Hartsman, Chief Creative Officer and General Manager of Trion Redwood Shores Studio, in order to have him more fully explain classes and characters having multiple souls in the game. After some “persuasion,” he agreed to talk.

Ten Ton Hammer: In many MMOGs, players typically have their level-up build and their group build, but then at level cap, their chosen build becomes narrowly defined so as to capitalize on their class's core strengths. Is this how you envision things playing out with attunements in Rift?

Scott Hartsman: I think high-end is when you want to give people the most flexibility. For example, wouldn't it be neat if you could take your plate-wearing dude and have him be a cool soloer in one set, a great PvPer in another set, and an awesome raid tank in another set. I think it's really important to give players more things to do in the high-end rather than pidgeon-holed into a single role. I think that's kind of boring.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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