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Looming over the troubled valley of Scarlet Gorge is the nefarious
hatchery of the powerful Gnar Queen.  The Endless Court have
infiltrated this nest, now known at the style="font-weight: bold;">Foul Cascade, and
subjugated its inhabitants to conform to their will, serving the Plane
of Death.

Designed for adventures in the high 20’s to low 30’s style="font-weight: bold;">Foul Cascade offers
4 boss encounters and a good smattering of loot.

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Group Configuration:

Foul Cascade
isn’t the most challenging of dungeons, at least in the opinion of this
Rift; style="font-weight: normal;">dungeon guide,
so any combination of healing, tanks, dps and support should do just
fine. Strong AoE will help with trash packs, but nothing is so powerful
that it can’t be handled fairly easily by most groups.


style="text-shadow: none;">Corrupted Queen

style="text-shadow: none;"> style="font-weight: bold;">Starts: Foul Cascade
style="font-weight: bold;">
From: Zone

Vanquish all four boss encounters in FC

style="text-shadow: none;">Orders From Alsbeth -

style="text-shadow: none;"> style="font-weight: bold;">Starts: Foul Cascade
style="font-weight: bold;">
From: Ivan

Gather all three pages of Alsbeth's Plan. 

Residue - Guardian

Starts: Foul

Professor Whent

Collect 4 Earthstone Residues from destroyed Earthen Mounds

- Defiant

Starts: Foul

From: Uriel

Bring the hearts of three mobs to each of the Foul Cascade's altars.
Kill the mob that spawns to loot essences.

Heart of Stone -

Foul Cascade

From: Dacia

Destroy 4 Earthen Mounds


Matron Verosa

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Matron Verosa is a multiphase encounter that features two adds that
will become active at various increments.

The fight starts by engaging Matron Verosa at her altar. DPS her down
until she becomes immune and then grab the first of the two spirits to
attack – Lesch. Pull Lesch away from the boss as she will still be able
to hit you if you remain in melee range. Lesch has a special attack
called Staggering Blitz that can be cast on any random player outside
of melee range; stack up on the mob to prevent this.  Once
Lesch is at 50% she gains immunity and Gurze becomes active. Gurze has
a frontal cleave and loves to enrange, so spin him away from the group
and beat him down quickly to 50%. At this point both the adds become
active and the tank should taunt Lesch over, face both mobs away from
the group and have the party stack behind Lesch. Kill both the adds to
unlock Matron Verosa.

The Matron has two special attacks in her arsenal; a single target nuke
and an AoE nuke.  Not much can be about the single target ,
but the AoE can be negated by breaking  her line of sight to
the target, or mitigated by having everyone spread out. 
Neither ability is very healing intensive however and the last 50%
should pass by fairly quickly.

Countess Surin Skenobar

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The second encounter, Countess Surin Skenobar, may be the easiest in
the zone. She has two abilities that dish out moderate damage, one can
be interrupted and the other is simply annoying. The first is Void
Charge, a single target cast that is interruptible. The second is Hail
of Bullets, a series of random attacks where the Countess will teleport
around the room hitting members of the party. This fight is only
moderately taxing on the healer, and a group with all ranged DPS will
find it almost trivial.

Krasimir Barionov

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alt="rift guide rift dungeon guide foul cascade"

Krasimir Barniov is next up on our journey. This is a wave encounter
consisting of three wave phases and then the boss phase.  With
current AoE damage being what it is, the waves should drop quickly.
Once the waves have been dispatched the tank should grab Krasimir and
spin him around so that the tank is between the boss and his altar.
Krasimir employs a knockback that should only effect the tank is DPS
stays behind him. DPS should try and remain as spread out as possible
to avoid the Dark Touch ability, an AoE dot that affects the person its
cast on and anyone in proximity to them. This curse can be dispelled,
but staying spread out is just as effective.  Dealing with
these two mechanics makes this another loot piñata.

Queen Vallnara

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The final encounter in Foul Cascade is the very large spider at the
center of the instance named Queen Vallnara. Destroy the idols binding
the Queen to start the encounter.

Making this fight go smoothly is mostly the tanks job due to the
abilities employed here. The first mechanic Queen Vallnara uses is
Corrosive Ichor, a ground target AoE that can’t be stood in. The tank
will need to make sure to move the boss out of the puddle of crap and
maintain good positioning for any melee DPS. The other ability used
here is Foul Gestation, a rather disturbing effect in which the Queen
picks a random player, rushes them and impregnates them with her spider
babies.  The host will also take damage over time so they will
need some healing (and perhaps counseling) and as the DoT wears off
they will pop out an offspring. The tank needs to pick up the adds as
they appear and continue to drag the boss out of the ichor. Keep a
handle on these abilities for easy loot.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016