The Pyromancer

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Primary Attribute:

In the first few weeks of Rift,
Mages were a rare sight around Telara. Fast forward a few weeks and you
can’t swing a stick without hitting one. While the reasons for this
bunny-like explosion are numerous, the biggest one is the buffs made to
the Pyromancer soul. In terms of raw firepower (pun intentional) there
is no better soul, which makes it a perfect addition to virtually every
Mage build.


  • Hits harder than an angry Mike Tyson
  • Well suited for multiple mobs due to powerful AoE
  • Best option for primary soul in a DPS build
  • Excellent synergy will all souls


  • Glass cannon
  • Aggro can be hard to manage
  • Will be target of class balancing and face reductions in
    power over next few updates


One of the most powerful DPS souls in the game, the Pyromancer is a
devastating combination of sustained and burst damage. Using the
destructive forces of flames to do their bidding, Pyromancers sacrifice
many of the survivability tools and tricks employed by other Mage souls
in favor of raw power. While most players will make this their primary
soul, it is essential to put a pet wielding soul into the mix during
the leveling process.

Solo Play

It is widely held that if the DPS is high enough, there is little need
for healing. If any soul can prove this theorem, it’s the Pyromancer.
Soloing as a Pyro is all about overwhelming your enemies with sheer
force before they can reach you. While it is possible to take a hit or
two, and don’t be fooled - the Pyro isn’t completely defenseless, you
won’t want to play punching bag for too long. Pyromancers are blessed
with a ton of powers and abilities and quite a few are AoE, making them
very capable soloists.

Group Play

While a deep spec Pyro may not bring a ton of utility to the table in a
group setting, they do bring the hurt. Most groups looking for pure DPS
will snap up a Pyro in a heartbeat and be secure in the knowledge that
things will die much quicker with one in the group. That being said
they do bring some amount of utility in the form of a stat buff, a
disarm and a mass stun. Pyromancers are also excellent teammates in PvP
aspects of the game.

Pairs Best With


An easy pairing choice to make, the Elementalist offers huge upside for
very little investment. The biggest obvious enhancement to a deep spec
Pyro is the addition of a combat pet. While the pet may not succeed in
completely keeping aggro off of the Mage, it will slow it enough that
most enemies will wilt before ever reaching the caster. At a mere 6
points the player gains an armor buff, a damage shield, a mana regen
ability and 5% crit – a true bargain.


While the Chloromancer may add the most survivability of all the souls,
the Archon will be the preferred pairing at level cap and can even make
the leveling process a much quicker affair. The Archon tree and branch
system offers a lot of synergy with the Pyromancer due to both being
built around a common elemental theme; fire. In addition to a huge
increase in fire damage done there is a heap of survivability and
utility to be found here, including but not limited to a castable ally
damage shield, extra mana regeneration and the ability to remove

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016