This week we sent Benjamin J. de la Durantaye packing to Southern
California to extract even more info on Rift: Planes of Telara --
straight from the source.  Join us as we sit down with Studio
Lead and the game’s Creative Director, Scott Hartsman for an href="">exclusive
interview where we talk crafting, raiding, and the plans
behind the game.

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Ton Hammer: How much thought has gone into end game at this point, will
it ship with raid content already in place?
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Absolutely,  we have some end game elements that have been in
testing, if you count warfronts,  when we started raid testing
and expert dungeon testing, it’s been several months now.  We
have two separate roadmaps, one for 1 to 50 and a much more detailed
one for level 50 onward.  We are intentionally making a game
that doesn’t need to have the 1 to 50 content extended to create
gameplay.  We want the 1 to 50 leveling to take as much time
as we have available content, we don’t want it to be a grind.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016