A review is a review no matter how long it takes.

After taking some time to thoroughly examine the latest Everquest 2 expansion, RPGDot has put out a lengthy review.

The early days of Everquest 2 were enough to send even the most hardened of EQ fanbois into doubt as to whether SOE had finally lost the plot and tried to destroy one of the most addictive experiences you were likely to have outside of your local crack house. There was a very good reason Everquest was renamed Evercrack, and the early signs were not good for its successor. For one thing, experienced players considered the sequel to be the dumb blonde of videogames. To them it may have looked pretty, but it was a seriously toned down from what they had worked hard to learn and master. They were insulted that even “normal” gamers who had never played an MMO could play it. How dare they do that to our game?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016