I smell a rat.

Massively is reporting on a story which first popped up on the EQ2Flames forums: There are accusations that an entire EverQuest 2 guild from the Test Server, Unhallowed Triad, has been transferred to a live server with all of their gear and levels intact. Additionally, claims of cheating with GM assistance have been leveled at them.

A thread on popular forums EQ2Flames is asserting that a guild from the EverQuest II Test Server, Unhallowed Triad, has been moved over to the live server Unrest. This is something that SOE had said would never happen, due to the doubled experience gain on Test making it unfair on live players. The poster also claims that there was a GM account in the guild that assisted them in killing things that they could not take down on their own, in order to obtain some of the best gear in the game.

Read the whole story over at Massively. If true, this is a pretty big deal-- nobody likes cheaters, and it's worse when it's cheating with inside help. Join the discussion and tell us what you think about all this.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016