Holy dev-condoned exploits, Batman!

Just as the EQ2Flames controversy is cooling off, there's a spark to heat it up again. According to a post made by site admin LFG, SOE developer Chris "Aeralik" Kozak allegedly used a legitimately submitted exploit report from an honest player to advance his own guild, telling his guild leader that he would "look the other way in the name of epics."

This is a screenshot of a PM from Aeralik to his guild leader on Blackburrow. The text of the screenshot is a bug report submitted to SOE by a player. The fourth paragraph describes how to exploit game mechanics to kill Druushk, the gateway mob to getting mythical epics from all the mobs in the 2nd and 3rd wings of VP. In the PM, Aeralik is communicating the PM to his guild leader, and telling him it is ok for his guild to use so they can get their mythicals.

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[Via EQ2Flames]

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016