Frogster's popular free to play game, Runes of Magic, announced a content expansion today with the Cyclops Stronghold. It sounds like players now have an additional motivation to hit the level cap. The official release stated:

Berlin, January 29th 2009: When players reach the level-max of 50 in Runes of Magic the adventure really starts to open up and expand. Tactically challenging dungeons like the “Cyclops Stronghold” await players to explore them. The new instanced cave system, that was made available in the latest patch, includes Cyclops-King Uguda who rules his clan in the vast catacombs with an iron fist.

The Cyclops' war machine dominates the entire stronghold. Weakened by fights against their enemies but in constant readiness, instructor Boddosch trains new recruits for the King’s personal guards in the local barracks. Defeating Boddosch is a perfect example of the first of many grueling and exciting major challenges and confrontations that every group of brave adventurers will have to face. Having won this battle, they disrupt a briefing of Cyclops officers who are not particularly amused by the unexpected disruption. With their combination of shaman and warrior skills, they do everything possible to defend the path to King Uguda's chamber.

Uguda himself, the final boss of the high-level dungeon, is supported by his best and trusted generals. As soon as they are defeated, the attacking players must face the Cyclops King himself in a challenging battle. His most powerful weapon is his unmatched fighting speed together with his very impressive physical strength. Both these features make him one of the strongest encounters in Runes of Magic. As reward for this challenging experience, Uguda holds valuable loot for anyone who dares to challenge and defeat him.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016