Steve "Saavedra" Kramer is one of the most passionate, energetic developers I've had the pleasure of meeting at SOE. I had the distinct pleasure of asking him a few questions about what he does, where he gets his inspiration, and if he would really beat Coyote with a rubber mallet if I paid him enough.

RadarX: What do you do for SOE when you aren't creating zones?

Saavedra: I won't go on and take credit for the creation of zones! I am just one of the people that fill the zones with things to do. Our zones have many owners, from the designer that creates the zone layout, to our concept artists and zone modelers who make the idea spring to life. All of our designers wear different hats at different times when it comes to the work we do. We are responsible for the quests, the items, the population, the scripted events and even the general concepts that go into our expansions and Adventure Packs. It just depends on where we are needed at the moment.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016