When is soon? We don't know...

Last February, the game Saga of Ryzom was bought out by another company as its parent company failed. The servers went dark and that's the last we heard. We still don't even know who the new owners are, but there is now a screen up on the old Ryzom site, saying that the game will be coming back soon. A glimmer of hope for all who loved this game!

Ryzom's last known news after the shutdown in last February, revolved around new mysterious owners and a prolonged liquidation process of the previous owner's assets, and the news stopped there. Fast forward today, the game's official site, is back online sporting a short and concise announcement: "Ryzom will be back soon!" -in French and German as well.

After digging a bit online, Whois Records still indicate the original and now defunct developers, Nevrax France as the owners, and aside from a recent site update on June 16, the information listed might very well be outdated and hiding the new owners' identity.

For now, there are many speculations and rumors, and the community is waiting for the official announcement.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016