World of Warcraft developer, Blizzard, have confirmed that their latest update will feature a new wing to Waycrest Manor, with an exclusive final boss: Sarah Sanders.

The Californian based studio, who recently courted controvesy with Diablo Immortal, have stated that the Press Secretary will make the ideal encounter.

Lead Designer, Maxwell Bode, went on to add that,“Sarah Sanders is a perfect mix of malice, dishonesty and resentment.”

There's no word on where the new wing will be, but it's set to be a terrifying experience.

“There’s a dark aura around her that our concept artists simply couldn’t match with their own designs.”

Maxwell Bode also confirmed to us that this latest content will only be pushed to those in the United States, rather than worldwide.

“We really want the American people to suffer some more at her hands.” he added.

“There’s nothing more frightening than seeing Sarah Sanders chase you down the dark corridors of Waycrest Manor.” 

Ten Ton Hammer have contacted Sarah Sanders for comment.

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Last Updated: Nov 08, 2018

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