The entire community has been shaken by the news of Station Cash and whether you are for or against this latest EverQuest II addition, it will effect us all!

Many are speaking out and giving their thoughts on SC. Jethal asks "Why the hate?
" while his lovely partner in crime Elquinjena goes into a bit more detail on how it makes her feel.

Jeph over at Loquacious Gamer
has this to say in regards to SC:

In RMT, the "T" is for "Trading." That's not generally an action performed between developer and player. Those are called "Fees," and RMFs are still the only kind of fees I know of that make sense in this environment. Oh, I suppose I could send Smedley a fine goat in exchange for a few months of game time, but I don't think he'd appreciate the mess in his office.

It has been an interesting week in the EQ2 community that is for sure! Read up on the various points of view and opinions on this startling announcement, then pop on over to our forums
and share what you think of Station Cash!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016