Earlier this month Trion World unveiled their newly revamped plans for End of Nations. The most notable thing on the new website was the referral to the game as now being a “tactical MOBA” as opposed formerly being referred to as an MMORTS. To help address a few questions that have been lingering since the announcement, Executive Producer Scot Lane took some time to speak with RTS Guru about what’s changed with the game, and the larger focus on heroes.

Lane claims that the game hasn’t changed as much as some players may think, explaining that the biggest changed is the focus on heroes, which will allow players to engage in “tactical leveling” to open up new strategies on the battlefield. The changes should make combat quicker and provide varied experiences in battle with heroes being the centerpiece.

“Heroes are the center point in battles, Lane told RTS Guru. “Heroes are very powerful but some also enhance your units.  Each hero has four abilities, some are active abilities that you click on to make something happen, and others are passive like speed increase for you and your units. Every ability has four different levels that can increase strength as well as influence on your company, so the game and tactics will change dramatically throughout a battle.”

Lane also touched on the continued use of unit mods in End of Nations, how players can acquire upgrades, and the removal of elite companies and unit Mark versions from the game. Read all about it at RTS Guru.

Source: RTS Guru

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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