Rift's Executive Producer Scott Hartsman dropped by the official forums today to offer up a post-beta update to the community and announce a few changes that should make PvP server players rather happy. At the start of Beta 6, Trion Worlds made changes to quest hub wardstones, making them un-attackable by other players and buffing up the guards to prevent griefing. This didn't sit too well with some of the PvP community, so Trion has made a PvP server-specific change that will once again make the quest hub wardstones attackable by players. So the team will test the changes out in open beta to see if it works.

Hartsman also took some time to talk a little about endgame content, including expert rifts, on par with an expert dungeon, and raid rifts, which will allow players to lure out specific raid mobs with a special kind of lure. Additionally, Hartsman touched on the heated discussion about Trion's stance on the 10-man raids, noting that Trion has not abandoned them, but rather has a different plan in mind.

With 10 man rifts (via Lures), just like with 20 man instances, people can go do them on demand, which is another part of the strategy that might not have been clear. So, please don’t think that we’re throwing 10 man raiders to the wolves. We're actually trying to ensure that both sizes of raiding can flourish.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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