There Can Be Only One (or

The folks that are localizing the upcoming Asian-imported
Immortals, have decided that they're getting close to the end of their
development cycle and have advanced the game to open beta status.
According to the press release announcing the event, any character made
during open beta will remain active after the game goes live. Along
with their press release, Ten Ton Hammer has also posted three
screenshots for you to view. Enjoy!

California, August 3, 200
7— New Game World,
Inc., publisher of interactive entertainment content, has announced the
commencement of the Open Beta test of an exciting new MMOrpg,
ImmortalsUSA. The free Beta period launches at 12:00am Pacific Standard
Time on Friday, August 03, 2007, offering gamers a glimpse into the
multifaceted Immortals world.

“The Immortals experience is an
exciting and dynamic epic MMO adventure inside ancient Chinese
mythology.” says Edward C. Andercheck, Chairman of New Game
World, Inc.
“Our partner, Honor Games International, based in Singapore,
this unique rich beautiful world employing a development team based in
Beijing and Xiamen, China. Their first hand knowledge of this culture
is apparent in every aspect of this vibrant game.”

created during open beta will not be deleted at launch. However, all
characters created prior to August 3rd will be deleted. This will allow
all players to begin the open beta on the same foot, experiencing the
game with thousands of new players in North America.

collaboration with Honor Games International has been a great
experience.” Said Steve Wade, Vice President New Game World,
Inc. “I’ve
been fortunate to help a lot of companies bring their games to the U.S.
And HGI is really doing a great job in helping us adapt to the American

Those joining the open beta will eligible to compete in
many different events created just for the Open Beta. Gaming systems
and Best Buy gift cards, are just some of the many prizes that will be
awarded during daily events.

Everyone who registers for an
account will be allowed to participate in the open beta of Immortals.
In order to register for an account and download the game, players
should visit class="releaselink" target="_new">

New Immortals

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