Let you mind meld with Mr. Morrison's...

Craig Morrsion, new Director for Age of Conan is doing his best to keep his community updated on all the changes he is bringing to them. And there's a lot of changes. He recently made a post on the European Age of Conan forums about what's next.

The next game update is now progressing very nicely on the test server and we hope to have it ready for the live servers over the next couple of weeks. As anyone who has read the test server update notes or visited the test server will be aware the amount of changes and new content coming with this update is substantial. The next update will introduce many new adjustments and additions so today we wanted to give you all an idea of what to expect from this update.

In essence, there's a new "consequence" system for PvP, there will be some changes to crafting and to combat, and a few tweaks to the GUI.

For more information, please read Mr. Morrison's post on the

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016