With Cryptic having already done Champions Online and launching Star Trek Online if a few months, we’re left with the question of whether or not CO will influence STO. Should it or not? Are there strengths in CO that can be used in STO? Are there weaknesses in CO that should never see the light of day in STO? Well, don’t stress your Vulcan minds, my friends. Your pals at Ten Ton Hammer have mulled over this very same dilemma and have come to some conclusions.

I really hope that there’s solid pvp action in Star Trek Online. I want to ambush foolish Federation ships with fake distress calls and spamming the chat channels with, “Meet my photon torpedoes! The first one is called Earl Gray Tea and the second is called Your Empath is Telling You Something Stupid Right Now!” In order to have good (hopefully, great!) pvp action, then Cryptic really needs to not look at Champions Online. The pvp system in CO is terrible. There are few too maps, and what pvp action is available has no real strategy to them. It’s just a big free-for-all with different window dressing. STO will need better, especially for the space combat, if the game wants to do well.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016