There is no argument SOE's DC Universe Online has a lot going for it including the recent discussion of Solomon Grundy. However, the world of superhero MMO games is still relatively young with plenty of room for experimentation. Should SOE try the old and reliable leveling system we know so well or go with a more radical skill based? Should they scrap both and try something new? We look at all the advantages and disadvantages of levels just inside and prove once and for all that Aquaman is not stronger than Submariner.

Now of course you could obviously say Superman was more powerful than Batman or Braniac more dangerous than Lex Luthor but it doesn't go any deeper. Other than a classification of raw mutant power in the Marvel universe, there aren't really any other detailed measurements of character power levels. Why should players be pigeonholed into the same stereotype? Who wants to be ranked among the Teen Titans when they could stand with the Justice League of America?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016