1% on Grade A Batches, But Maybe
Another Way?

A heated debate about the crafting recipe drop rates in Vanguard
continues in the SoE forums. Lead Game Designer Silius has come in to
explain some things:

Just a quick response to hopefully answer some questions.

 1. Recipe drop rates on work orders are not being adjusted. They
will remain at the 1% overall chance on A batches.

 2. Recipes will have a chance of entering the world another way
so they are available to those who may have outlevelled the tier and to
alleviate the need to slow down XP gain.

 3. I will be working on these changes sometime next week so they
may be in phase 3 if not in phase 2.

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He also later confirmed that crafters need to complete Grade A Batches.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016