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, the MMOG wherein
players seek to make their fortune on the historic Silk Road stretching
from China to Europe, has a new update coming out and players have lots
of questions. Diving into the upcoming changes, we hope to answer these
player queries so that players can plan on how to best adapt to the new

In the newest update, you intend to erase the Merchant (Trader) class.
Why do you wish to do this as the game was built on the
“Triangular Conflict System” where the three jobs
(Merchant, Hunter, and Thief) worked against each other? Merchants
would carry trade goods from city to city, Hunters would work to
protect the Merchants, and Thieves would attempt to steal the trade
goods. By doing their assigned tasks, each job would increase their
skill. Isn’t this new change going to cause game balance

There will be no balance issues between the jobs with this update.
Before the Legend
update, the ratio of
players involved in the “Triangular Conflict
System” was 2:1 (Trader & Hunter versus Thieves).
This situation was not fair to Thieves as they were outnumbered 2 to 1,
but the rewards were very good if they were successful.

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However, this 2:1 imbalance has led to Traders and Hunters not engaging
in trade, so the Thief could not play his role. All in all, the
Triangular Conflict has been inactive in-game.

Against this backdrop, we have reorganized the system to encourage
players to play the “Trade” system and to
revitalize the Job Conflict system. For this, we have changed the 2:1
ratio to 1:1 by deleting the Trader job. This will allow the Hunter and
Thief to serve time for “Trade”. Furthermore, to
save time for users on Trading, we have developed the Consignment
Trading system, by which players can enjoy the advantage of Trade
without having to do direct trade activities. Consignment Trading will
make trade faster under equal conditions for both Hunter and Thief.

You are introducing some new exclusive skills. How are these different
from other skills and how will they affect general game play?

The new exclusive skills are job skills and are specialized on job
activities (Trading), which are different from the other existing
skills. By using the new exclusive job skills, users can reduce the
time required for trade activities and focus instead on playing the job
PvP, which is more exciting. The new exclusive skills do not have any
influence on normal PvP or other activities. They only influence
job-related activities.

What can you tell us about the new conflict system? Since there will be
no merchants, what happens to the other jobs (Hunter and Thief)? What
will be the changes for the Hunter versus Thief conflict system?

The concept for the changes to the “Trade and
Triangular” conflict system for the style="font-style: italic;">Legend 7
update is “equal condition” and “constant

A final goal for both Hunters and Thieves is for them to obtain job
items so that conflict between the two sides is inevitable. To make the
conflict fair, we have focused on the balance of the two jobs described

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We were really expecting a brand new crafting system. Can you give us
some examples of this new system? Are there any fancy items that will
be available? If so, how strong are they going to be?

Until Legend
, socket stones were for
high level players only, but with the draft system update via style="font-style: italic;">Legend 7,
low level players can also use socket stones. In addition, items like
Battering Rams and Catapults, which are designed for Fortress War, will
also be available under the crafting system. Users can also craft Job
equipment with the materials obtained through job and trade activities.
In particular, users can wear job equipment together with basic
equipment. Once these items are combined with Alchemy and
reinforcement, players will have more powerful characters with the
upgraded equipment.

Some questions about Fortress War. Why did you create the anti-castle
machines of Battering Rams and Catapults? What do you think about these
machines’ working progress? Are they easy to control?

Before the Legend
update, the only target
during Fortress War was the castle itself and some users kept
complaining about the simple game play of Fortress War. We created
Battering Rams and Catapults to make it more fun. Defenders had an
advantage versus the attackers during Fortress War, so we decided to
use the Battering Ram and Catapult as a way to restore the balance. The
use of Battering Rams and Catapults should create more dynamic Fortress
War game play as that the defending players would be facing more
aggressive action from the attackers.

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Can you give us some information on the new Saint Knight Avatar?

In Silkroad
, Avatar is a costume
for players to wear that boast cool visuals. For premium effect
(increased abilities and stats), users can wear the Devil’s
Spirit outfit. We have plans to raise the premium level (higher
bonuses) of the Devil’s Spirit in the future. However, the
Saint Knight Avatar is just for visual looks; it does not confer any
bonuses like the Devil’s Spirit outfit.

As a player, how do we increase our rank degree with our jobs? When we
increase it, what kind of benefits are there?

You can raise your rank through PK (player killing) while doing
counterpart jobs (Hunters versus Thieves), but you need to maintain
your job condition (wearing your job outfit and such).Points can be
earned differently depending upon your counterpart’s level
and you have to achieve certain requirements to level up. To prevent
abusive game play, players can get points for PKs up to three times in
an hour. After those three times, players cannot earn any points. With
each rise of rank, players get stat bonuses, but it is not a big
advantage. Rank is primarily for Honor and your rank is put on in front
of you job name such as “Expert Bandit Runy.”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016