If you haven't been up on the latest ESRB drama, then..catch up darn it! Or just go read Radar's lovingly worded post on the NGD.

Smed had something to say about all the hoopla surrounding the controversy with the ESRB, and he made a very nice rebuttal to Next-Gen's article on the topic (linked in Smed's blog):

In our business it’s impossible in many cases to completely play through a game. The ESRB requires that the submitted clips represent all extremes of gameplay. How are they ever going to be able to completely play through online games like EQ II or WoW for example? I would argue that there’s no such thing in this day and age. Take Grand Theft Auto for example - sure you can play through all of the missions, but there are often many side games that aren’t core to finishing the game. Often times this is where the content that gets a game an M rating in the first place resides.

T for Teen..M for Mature..It's all good gaming to me. Give Smed's blog a read, and feel free to pop by Radar's thread to tell him what you think. ESRB ratings affect us all!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016