Why would an antisociable soloer solo in EverQuest 2?

Step inside the head (yes, we're providing protective clothing) of Coyote Sharptongue, a self-confessed compulsive soloer soloing for a reason to solo besides being antisocial.

I get asked this constantly from friends both in and out of the game when I explain to them that most of the time I'd rather be off exploring new locales or fighting newly found monsters on my own, rather than in a group. Sometimes the persistent grouper will try and hunt me down and add me to his list of conquests before running off into the night to brag to his friends and not call me the next day. Drive by group offers are the worst. Luckily, I have a bevy of excuses in my arsenal, and I'm ready to lob them grenade-like at any who would attempt to delve too deeply into my playing habits.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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