Sony Online Entertainment has posted the next preview in their series taking a look at EverQuest 2: Sentinel's Fate. This week the team delves into the dungeon known as The Abandoned Labs of the Vasty Deep. Leah "Mortalus" Swigart fields questions about the area and explains the foreboding and creepy design of the dungeon. Swigart explains the design decision behind the dungeon and how she wanted it to be different from other labs already in EverQuest 2.

There’s really nothing like it in EQ2. When I sat down with the artist we discussed the fact that EQ2 already had a number of laboratories and we wanted it to be completely different from those while still being recognizable as a lab. I stressed that it needs to look creepy, it needs to be obvious that bad things have happened here.

Swigart goes on to explain the story arc of the labs and how players will get to see the actual experiments the Erudites have been conducting and some of the people they will meet in the Abandoned Labs. You can read the full preview by clicking here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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