Sony Online Entertainment offers up another preview of EverQuest 2: Sentinel's Fate this week with a look at Vasty Deep: The Conservatory. The Conservatory is a group instance aimed at levels 86-88 and will pit players against new monsters as the area was used by the residents of Odus to study and experiment on creatures and plants using magical waters, so misguided and failed experiments are sure to be waiting for players in the depths of this new area.

The magical waters of Vasty Deep, being just east of Erudin, quickly got the attention of the Erudites and they built a citadel there so that they could run magical and arcane experiments using the water. The first level, the Conservatory, was dedicated to experimenting on plants. The second level down, which is now the Abandoned Labs, was devoted to experimenting on animals and other beings. The third and final level down was the temple proper, as Vasty Deep was built during the time when the Erudites still believed in the gods. To find out what has happened since, you’ll just have to venture into the dungeons for yourselves.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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