Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) boss John Smedley enjoys spending a little time in EVE Online, and the universe created by CCP has helped shape his decisions in running a game company. This week The Mittani, author of Ten Ton Hammer's Sins of a Solar Spymaster column and founder of, posted a new interview with the SOE boss to find out how EVE Online has influenced PlanetSide 2's development.

"My experiences as an Eve Player have had a huge impact on Planetside 2. The concept of Cert Points and the notion of gaining them offline came straight from there, although our system gives you points that are flexible and we also give you more experience when you're online than off. Also our resource system started out very similar to Starcraft but it's evolved a lot into something more akin to what Eve has."

Smedley also discusses how it took him 7 attempts to really get into EVE Online, his favorite ship, SOE's new focus on the emergent gameplay experience, and concerns expressed by some players that SOE might be looking to make a takeover move on CCP. Read the full interview at

Source: The Mittani Interviews SOE CEO John Smedley

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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