How will the talents change in the expansion? This is a burning question about the Burning Crusade...

Now some (possible) answers to this question have been leaked from the TBC Alpha test! has posted some information that appears to have come out of the Alpha test.

Well. Turns out Blizzard has started a 'friends and family' Burning Crusade alpha test. And one of those friends and/or family has already leaked some crazy info about upcoming post-60 rogue/mage skills and talents plus warlock/pally skills. I didn't expect to find this info on some random forum, but that's how it happened. Fires of Heaven forum, as it turns out.

Obviously, this stuff *could* be entirely bogus...but I doubt it, considering how every thread on the official WoW forums that links to it gets deleted within seconds.

To get the scoop on these potential new talents, just follow the link!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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