Gorgeous visuals and a wacky theme? Sounds like an eastern MMO to me.

If you're wondering how a combination of Diablo-esque gameplay, party systems in an MMO, and a distinctly victorian style stacks up, MPOGD has just the preview you need to read.

I'm a mostly solitary gamer, drudging off into the wilderness to kill some wild game, or partaking in the lone fetch quest, but there always comes a time in a young gamer's life when you just need some friends to help you out, or you seek the comfort of someone in general. I've had my fair share of "LFF Chapter 1" or "Anyone doing a task force" requests go unanswered, leaving me alone and unable to do a quest, cause otherwise I'd die quickly. Luckily, for those players like me who just can't find someone all the time, along comes Sword of the New World, and now you'll always have somebody to lean on for help.

You can read the full preview over at MPOGD.com.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016