A Sword of the New World Q&A Focusing on Unique Player Characters

Innovation is the key to bringing attention to your MMOG in the current marketplace, and Sword of the New World has done just that. With the multi-character control system, SotNW introduce new game mechanics that weren't applicable in single character MMOGs, like the introduction of Unique Player Characters (UPCs). Ten Ton Hammer sent some UPC questions to Jonenee Merriex, the Senior Game Master for SotNW, and we have posted his very informative replies for you to view!

First off you have to understand what a UPC is. A Unique Player Character is a Non-Player Character who has sworn allegiance to your family. They will stay with you through thick and thin. They can level, die, and be promoted to Veteran status. They can learn stances and equip items and armor. You can even get specific costumes JUST for them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016