Fiction in SPACE!

Many MMOG fans and fiction writers alike would love the chance to sit down with their favorite game and write short fiction for it on a regular basis. Living the dream, Hjalti Danielsson, writer for CCP, has been writing short fiction pieces for EVE Online for nearly a year. At AGDC '07, Ten Ton Hammer had the opportunity to sit down Hjalti and talk about his upcoming projects along with how he goes about writing his fiction.

"However, I don't try to necessarily focus on the 'main events' that are happening in EVE," Hjalti said. "I try mostly to just give depth to the world. I don't want to write about what the players do and see so much, I write about things that are going on in the background - like the janitor that is cleaning up the ectoplasm fluid." Aside from being entertaining stories (who wouldn't want to read about a janitor forced to clean up ectoplasm?), there's also an element of what Hjalti is doing that adds an extra element of depth to EVE that wouldn't be attained otherwise. The universe begins having a life of its own when Hjalti's stories spring into existence.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016