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We make things easy here at TenTonHammer. If you have any comments / guides / suggestions that you want us to hear / see / or post on our site, we can be emailed! To email the Warhammer Online TenTonHammer staff, send your messages to the following address: [email protected]  


Thurston "Ratboy" Hillman
Community Manager
Ratboy @

Migrating over from the World of Warcraft site; Ratboy has been with TenTonHammer since the launch of the WoW site in August 2004. Ratboy has been involved in organizing Warhammer tournaments and assorted events in his own hometown.

Spending his time playing various online games and console games, Ratboy is a huge fan of EVE Online, Warhammer Games, and general RPG geekdom. Maintaining the Mythic Entertainment Site, and the Warhammer Online site for TenTonHammer occupies a fair bit of his time (and still he finds himself pulled back to the WoW site ever so often) so Ratboy is always working on something. If ever you have a question, concern, or quirky comment, feel free to email him (just as long as it doesn't involve buying "Online Gold").

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016