Heya baby, I'm a Gemini looking for some Virgo love!
Okay, so that's astrology and Vhalen's newest lore post is actually about cosmology, but let's not ruin my fun!

The cosmology of the EQ universe has often been debated. Many of the greatest minds on Norrath have theorized on the hierarchy of the planes. The astronomers of the innovative empire of Ak'Anon have come close to understanding the truth, but even they fail to understand the cosmology that was created from the universal mechanics of the Nameless. Such things have eluded even the great intellects of Erudin and the think tanks of the Academy of Arcane Science. No, such things cannot be comprehended by mortals. But there are those amongst us that have a near perfect understanding of the cosmology and they put it to great use to further their goals.

I happen to LOVE any lore regarding the Gods of Norrath and the planes, and if you do too, you cannot miss this read! Check out Vhalen's lesson on Norrathian universe here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016