Not too bad for a 77 year old!

Will Leonard Nimoy pwn Star Trek Online players? According to the man behind Spock, "No," apparently he is "not much of a game player" (I'm assuming he means video games or maybe he doesn't play any games?). At 77 years old, and with the legacy that he has created, Spock can do whatever the heck he wants, in my opinion. Luckily he wanted to answer some questions for the crew at STO and while they are mostly questions about Mr. Nimoy's current interests, he does discuss some of the unwritten history of Star Trek. Such as the time Bill Shatner tried to kill him:

[Question]Was there ever a great unintentional improv moment that made it onto the screen?

Leonard Nimoy: Yeah! Did you know that Bill Shatner tried to drown me in Star Trek IV? [laughs] People don't believe he tried to drown me! Do you remember the scene near the end? Well, we landed in San Francisco Bay with the ship – big storm – and we were shooting in a tank at Paramount Studios and they've got this big hull of the ship sitting in the water.

People were climbing out onto the rail on the outside of the ship and we see the whales and everything's going to be OK. A couple of people start to jump into the water, unrehearsed, and I thought this was great … they're jumping in, they're jumping in, and now Shatner decides I have to go in the water too. He's a real strong guy and I'm holding on tight to the rails and he's pulling at my fingers. I was wearing this very heavy cotton robe and I didn't really give it a thought until he got me loose and I hit the water. When that robe got wet, it became like an anchor and I sank [laughs] right to the bottom of the tank. And I had to get that robe off of me underwater, I couldn't get back up.

I'm a pretty good swimmer, so I wasn't panicked but I realized I gotta get this thing off. I hit the bottom, kicked the bottom and shot up. "You son of a bitch! Tried to drown me!" [laughs] But it turned out to be a great moment in the movie. It was a lot of fun. That's the kind of humor I'm talking about.

You have to admire a guy who can pull that from memory and still remember calling the man a son of a "B" word. The interview discusses Star Trek too, but that is a great story. Read the rest of the interview at Star Trek Online talks to Leonard Nimoy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016