To boldly go where we tried to go before but didn't have Klingons...

While it was a completely expected announcement, Cryptic Studio's timer has counted its way down to zero and the rebirth of Star Trek Online has been announced. While there's not much information out there at the moment, the official site has launched with a few details, including a new countdown timer for the unveiling of the first gameplay footage. (13 days and counting.)

Here's what we do know about the game itself. It's going to be set after all current series, pushing into the 25th century. It also seems that Cryptic has learned from Perpetual Entertainment's mistakes, as Klingons will be playable.

Players will take the role of a starship captain for either the Federation or Klingons, and take part in both deep-space shipboard gameplay and exploration of planet surfaces, and other ships, on foot. You'll be able to outfit and customise your ship before engaging in space battles, and recruit and train a crew.

The game is set just after all existing Star Trek movies and television shows. "Immerse yourself in the future of the Star Trek universe as it moves into the 25th century: a time of shifting alliances and new discoveries," says the official website.

Jack Emmert of Cryptic has also written a stirring letter to the public for the annoucement of Star Trek Online. When I read it, I believe that the IP is in good hands.

For Jack Emmert's letter, please check here.

For more information about Star Trek Online, please check the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016