Senior Writer Alexander Freed revealed a few more details about the Imperial Agent of Star Wars: The Old Republic today. The Imperial Agent is a Gestapo of sorts, ensuring the loyalty of the masses and eliminating them if they seem to show signs of descension. Capable of blending in anywhere, you never know who just might be an agent and if they are watching you.

The Imperial Agent is the ghost inside the Empire who ensures the people’s loyalty. She could be your neighbor, your lover or your superior officer. When rebellion stirs, she silences or discredits those who commit treason. She’s always alert, always watching for signs of dissent, and with a word, she can consign you to a dark cell for the rest of your life.

The Imperial Agent is a ghost, capable of infiltrating top levels of governments and stealing valuable secrets, or eliminating targets if the job calls for it to cause chaos in the ranks or disorient entire fleets. The Imperial Agent keeps the empire in tact by covering up messes made by the less-than-subtle Sith Lords and becoming whatever they need to be to get the job done. They are a creature of many faces and blend into many environments.

The Imperial Agent is the Intelligence officer who hunts down enemies no one else ever hears about—conspiracies, rogue Jedi, ascendancy malcontents, black ops groups inside the Strategic Information Service, and worse. No one will ever know about her victories, but the secrets she collects make her powerful… and that’s the way she likes it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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