The protoss, zerg, and terran armies have unfinished business and a full scale war is brewing in the StarCraft universe. With all the new shiny graphics and enhanced gameplay, Blizzard's sequel to the popular StarCraft RTS game already has a legion of fans waiting in the shadows, but how does the game stack up to its predecessor? This week, Ten Ton Hammer takes a look at some of the features in StarCraft II and what's changed in the newest game in the franchise.

Story is going even deeper in StarCraft II as the game is even integrating some elements of an RPG by allowing players to roam around and interact with NPCs complete with voice overs and you can even purchase upgrades from them at times. This is very different from how the first game handled character interaction as it took place just before or after a mission and then only in the form of a briefing or cut-scene.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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