StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils recently hit bookstores everywhere and the accompanying audiobook is now available for digital download. Heaven's Devils goes into the origins of Jim Raynor the human protagonist from the game.It's the first book fully dedicated to him and a great read for StarCraft II fans everywhere. Is the audiobook just as good? We listen to it and let you know our thoughts in our latest article "Starcraft II: Heaven's Devils Audiobook Review."

Heaven’s Devils, the latest in a long series of StarCraft novels, recently arrived at bookstores across the country. It’s notable because it’s the first out of several books to focus entirely on Jim Raynor, the main human protagonist from the first two games. It’s also the first book to introduce the new character, Tychus Findlay, who was seen in the opening cinematic for StarCraft II. The book also fleshes out the Terran Confederacy a bit more, the corruption within, and a lot of Jim Raynor’s past.

Starcraft II: Heaven's Devils Audiobook Review lets you know if its worth your hard earned cash or not.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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