A Stargate Worlds Update with Joe Ybarra from GDC 2007

Stargate SG-1 is the longest continuously running sci-fi series in television history and, as fans of the series know, offers the perfect backdrop for an MMOG set in the present day. Though the original series is currently airing its last season in the US, the spinoff Stargate Atlantis is still going strong, a pair of direct-to-DVD movies is in the offing, and MGM just announced a third television series based on Stargate lore. Joe Ybarra, VP of Product Development at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment (maker of Stargate Worlds) sat down with us at GDC 2007 to share some of the joys and challenges of framing an MMOG around an IP very much in flux.

[Joe Ybarra:] "As events were to unfold, we were on the automated script delivery system from the [ Stargate SG-1] production staff, so every time they'd produce a script, we'd get an electronic copy. So about July or August of [2006], we got the last script of Season 10 [the show's grand finale]. We read the script, and everybody turned white – 'Oh my God! Look what they did!' So we pressed a big reset button."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016