The New Face of CME: 10 Minutes with Kevin Balentine

Nicole "Awen" Hamlett spent some time with the new front man for Cheyenne Mt. Entertainment and Stargate Worlds, Kevin Balentine. In addition to the interview, CME was kind enough to spare us a new and exclusive Stargate Worlds in-game screenshot!

"Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, the developer making the in-production MMORPG based on MGM's hit sci-fi TV series, Stargate Worlds, is going through a few staff changes these days. One such change is Kevin Balentine, CME's new PR manager. Nicole Hamlett recently had a chance to chit chat with him and the marketing director Jay Adan. Find out more about CME's new addition and why he thinks that Stargate Worlds is bound for success."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016