Get To Know Nick LaMartina, Sound Designer For Stargate Worlds

The official site for Stargate Worlds has been updated with another in their series of Development Team Profiles. This time we get to go into the world of sound with Nick LaMartina.

My love of games started at the early age of 2, when my dad took my brother and me into his work to play a game called “Lunar Lander”. It was my first exposure to gaming, and not long after, our dad gave us a Commodore 64 to share when we were 3. Our earliest experiences were filled with the likes of Ducks Ahoy, Congo Bongo, JumpMan, Pole Position, and Parallax. It was at that point that we both also found a love of video game music from the masters like Chris Huelsbeck, Martin Galway, and Rob Hubbard.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016