Ah, yes. The juxtaposition of beats. Do go on.

RPG Vault has a new developer diary for Stargate Worlds posted in which they discuss the storytelling elements of the game.

We left off talking about the juxtaposition of the 'beats' in evoking emotion in the player. A beat can be a mission, a series of them, a task in one, or any combination thereof. This work starts on the micro level, when each act in the game is broken down into missions, or 'broken,' as we call it. It starts with various questions... What is the point of this part of story? Are we trying to set the player up for a surprise? What side is the character playing on? How would a Goa'uld look at this issue? What methods would a Goa'uld use to get this job done? An Asgard? A Jaffa? How do we use this part of the story to build tension in the act, to lead to a climactic instance battle or a plot reversal that puts the player in the situation where they must make some kind of choice that matters.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016