Wanted more Stargate Worlds? You got it!

IGN Vault is now hosting a section dedicated to Stargate Worlds, and they're kicking things off with an exclusive interview with Dan Elggren!

Here's one of the many questions, and answers given by Dan!

The mission (questing) system being designed for the game has been described as more storyline and character-driven than in other MMOs - a claim many developers have made - how does SGW deliver on that promise?

Well, for one thing, our content is episodic. That means that like a television series, we’ll have series arcs and an overall story arc. From the time characters enter the game through level cap and beyond, they are part of a galaxy-spanning story that features mystery, action and adventure. In addition to what we refer to as the A-story, there also are B-story lines, archetype and profession stories and multiple side quests. What sets our usage of the term “story” apart from everyone else is that everyone within each faction is working together to accomplish the big goal.

Most games present the story through text, and we’re avoiding that as much as possible. The quests drive the characters through the game without the need to read a lot of boring exposition. The point is to hook the players with a quick hit, like “Teal’c has been ambushed and needs back up!” The story is revealed through the character’s actions; the detailed mission descriptions are available, but they aren’t necessary unless the player wants more background information.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016