Ten Ton gets down and dirty with Stargate Worlds.

It's been nearly six weeks since we've heard anything from the developers at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and their upcoming sci-fi MMOG, Stargate Worlds. At last week's Austin Game Developers Conference, the silence was broken and several new assets were released to the general public! Cody "Micajah" Bye, Katie Postma, and Bill Pirckle were all in attendance to listen to CME's PR Manager, Kevin Balentine, talk about Stargate Worlds and how the game is progressing.

"The Castle was basically a normal outpost that Stargate command took over and were using the structure as a prison for a group called the 'Opcore'," Kevin said. "As part of our in-game story, the Opcore are basically the NID or the Trust on steroids. We're not retelling the Stargate story, and we've got our own things going on. Since you're going to be the heroes of your own series, we've got to come up with different sorts of villains for you to face."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016