New STO Images from GDC 2007

While Star Trek Online is still deep in pre-alpha development, the folks at Perpetual Entertainment were kind enough to have us over to their studios one evening during GDC 2007. We learned a lot about the processes behind MMORPG development, stood in awe at how much work goes into game design, were freaked out by a lifesize cardboard cutout of Lieutenant Worf around a sharp corner, and ultimately brought home some concept art for your edification!

"But the real magic of the Star Trek experience is in the ships and crews. The license is over 40 years old, so there's no shortage of imagery and backstory to draw from. Still, Perpetual has a small staff of artists developing new concept art internally for both character models, items, and ships. Since the STO universe unfolds in Star Trek's future (beyond where the license is currently at in the Trek timeline), the challenge for these artists is to make the game look more futuristic and also slightly more militaristic ( e.g. gun mount "hardpoints" to provide for a more realistic combat feel)."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016