Cryptic is going all out with Star Trek Online, aiming to give players an experience that is not only true to the Star Trek name but also completely unique. Part of this experience is the character creation process which STO takes to all new levels. Can't find a race you want to play? Make up your own! Gamespot put together a preview of sorts that highlights some of these amazing features in STO.

And for your own character, and your crew, the game will offer what executive producer Craig Zinkievich refers to as "total customization" for each character, including each one's appearance and away-team equipment. This isn't surprising coming from a studio that made a name for itself with the powerful character customization tools of City of Heroes. Among other options, you'll be able to create characters from such races as humans, Vulcans (the race of Mr. Spock's father), Bajorans (the race to which Major Kira Nerys from the Deep Space Nine TV show belonged), Klingons, and Gorn (a race of tall, lizardlike humanoids--William Shatner's Captain Kirk character grappled with one in the original Star Trek episode "Arena"). To make allowances for the fact that the universe is indeed enormous and that other, undiscovered life-forms exist somewhere out there, the game will also feature an "alien race creator" tool that will let you create your own alien species to which your character can belong.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016