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How many explosives do we really need?

The Human city of Stormwind is undergoing some pretty large and impressive changes with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Starting with the 2.4 patch players got to see groups of workers laboring diligently on the access point to the new area in the city. Dwarves and Humans were seen placing explosives and arguing about the amount required to blast through the outer wall. With patch 3.0.2 players actually started to enter Stormwind Harbor and when the expansion launches all the work will be complete and players will be able to use the harbor that as the Alliances main access point to Northrend.

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New Map of Stormwind

Stormwind Harbor is located at the north-west edge of the city and can be accessed using the pathway between Cathedral Square and the Park. Players pass through a tunnel that goes through the old outer north wall to find the expansive harbor. When you exit the tunnel you are greeted to panoramic view as you look down as the harbor below. The harbor will become the single largest area in Stormwind.

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Looking out over the Harbor

The harbor was built by the Humans, Dwarfs and Gnomes and you can see evidence of each of the races work on the harbor. There are many human monuments around the harbor including statues and lion facades on the walls. The Dwarf workmanship is evident in the huge amount of stonework and the sheer scale of the place. Both the Gnomes and Dwarves have workshops along the edge of the zone being used to create additional ships and war machines.

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Looking back at Stormwind

The Harbor features several docks for boats lined up along the water. Two of these are being used in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion for transportation, which leaves space to use if as a transportation hub for future expansions to the game. In addition to the harbor, a new light house has been built just off shore.

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The Boat to Northrend

Stormwind Harbor will be the most used of the Alliance transportation points to Northrend as it is located in a capital city, and therefore easily accessible from Shattrath. However, Shattrath will likely remain most players bind point for their hearth stones until they reach level 74 and can bind in Dalaran in Northrend. The Harbor connects to the Human settlement of Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra which is one of the two main Alliance starting areas in Northrend. The other Alliance starting point is in the Howling Fjord and access from Menethil Harbor, making it slightly harder to get to.

In addition to the travel route to Northrend, the harbor also has boat access to the Night Elf area of Auberdine. This is replacing the old Menethil Harbor to Auberdine boat, and will make it much easier for Night elves and Draenei players to meet up with and adventure with their Human, Dwarf, and Gnome friends.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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