We all look forward to the House of Stratics Dev Chat, but not all of us can make it! Luckily, Stratics is kind enough to post the chat log for those of us who couldn't be there.

Venom - Question for devs: The new Runnyeye:The Gathering is bloody difficult even for a full group of lvl 80's. During the preview we were told it was geared for a single group, doable in a few hours. Was it intended to be AS difficult as it appears to have ended up?

Kander - Runneye was intended to be challenging yes. I tried to give it a feeling of your own personal contested dungeon. So there is no real progression and no real direction for you to go, everyone should find bosses they can kill and bosses that are more challenging. I also tried to make sure rooms where there were no bosses that there was minimal trash to clear due to the size of the zone.

The devs touch upon many topics that many players wonder about, so it is definitely worth your while to stop on by Stratics and give it a read!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016