Dear SWG Fans: We love you, we're working, don't hate us. KK thanks!

Lorin Jameson, Game producer for Star Wars Galaxies, opened up and gave the community a lengthy developer update to keep everyone updated on what's going on.

Wanted to give an update as to where we are with things. Blix and his design team have been hammering away on the Heroics for Chapter 7. It has been a little noisy at the office during this time, as they are all on speaker phone and shouting a lot. The encounters are definitely better every day and I know that players are going to enjoy them a lot. The art is all done and Aurelia looks in great shape. QA has been verifying the collections (there are over 90 so it takes time to get them all checked) but right now that all looks really solid. I still had hopes that we could get the chapter out to test before Friday, but it will probably work out that we wait until the beginning of next week just because I would hate to have things problems over the weekend and not have folks here to deal with it. Most importantly the chapter is feature complete at this point and looking good.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016