Learn all you need to know about the upcoming moves.

The Star Wars Galaxies community has been preparing for a while for some upcoming character moves, which are starting to be seen as a major shift in servers. (To be fair, these moves were planned long before SW:TOR had been officially announced.) While the actual moves won't get moving until after New Years, SOE has been kind enough to provide their players with a FAQ to ease the process along.

Because nothing sucks more than people screaming possible server shut downs without knowing what is actually going on.

Free character transfers are coming to Star Wars Galaxies early next year! A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is now available to let you know more about items that will and will not transfer during the upcoming promotion. More details about this promotion, including dates and a list of servers, will be released at a later time.

Chapter 11: The Battle of Echo Base includes a number of improvements to the character transfer service (CTS). Please note that some of the items listed below do not transfer at this time if you are paying to transfer a character before Chapter 11 launches. Once Chapter 11 is released, items such as factory crates and resources will transfer. However, vendors and the contents of vendors will not transfer even when Chapter 11 is live.

The details found below about items, names, character slots, player associations, vendors, and server firsts apply to both standard (paid) character transfer and the free character transfer service promotion. The only difference between free CTS and standard CTS is that a same account transfer between certain designated galaxies during the free CTS period will be free of charge.

Please see the FAQ below for more details about the free promotion and character transfer service.

If you have a frequently asked question, check the FAQ and see if it's there, at the Star Wars Galaxies official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016