In terms of quality, few free to play massively multiplayer
games can compare to what players experience in Sword of the New World:
Granado Espada. Designed by K2 Networks, SotNW burst onto the scene as
a true contender for the top of the F2P market, and now those same
developers have announced Nocturnal Sonata, the newest expansion for
their game. The Ten Ton Hammer staff has nabbed a bundle of new
screenshots from the title, along with the official press release.

style="font-style: italic;">Along with this new region, the
expansion will unveil four new UPCs
(Unique Player Characters have the ability to join your family as a
playable character after you’ve earned their respect):
Vincent Rio, a
master of music where his powerful songs can harm foes and heal allies;
Baek Ho, a spy from the far reaches of the East that has been trained
in a Martial Arts style not seen in the west; Calypso, a royal guard
and dangerous vixen with the crossbow; and Claire, daughter of the
local blacksmith, she may look petite, but can handle combat with the
best of them and has the ability to summon monsters.
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016